The Best Sports-Themed Esports Titles


With so much uncertainty still hanging over the real world of sports post-COVID-19, it’s clear to see why so many sports fans have begun to have their interests peaked by the blossoming world of Esports. Capable of soldiering on via online streams, the action from the world of Esports never ends and there are a plethora of titles in the community that 

Rocket League

Psyonix’s Rocket League has always been one of the most adrenaline-pumping titles out in the Esports community since its release back in 2015. Like every good Esport, it wasn’t necessarily designed with an eye for dominating the hyper-lucrative world of competitive gaming initially, but it’s addictive gameplay and impressive mechanics soon began hoovering up fans right around the world. 

The game essentially plays out like a regular soccer match, only subbing out professional athletes for miniature rocket cars. Competitive games are split between two teams of three and houses some of the most jaw-droppingly high-quality moments of action anyone in the gaming community could hope to come across. The visuals of the game are stunning, the tempo is fast-paced and the premise of it the game is easy to dip into and keep up, lending the game a level of mainstream accessibility not always found with other Esports titles. 


An absolute behemoth of a title in the world of video gaming, EA’s flagship Fifa franchise is always ranked amongst the most heavily discussed and anticipated titles in the Esports world prior to its annual release, with even the most subtle of mechanical changes going a long way in influencing the shape of the competitive meta going forward. 

For a real, authentic experience of being out on the pitch and replicating the feeling of being inside a packed stadium, there’s really no beating EA’s flagship title. Every league, every cup, every team, and every player is in the game and brought to life with the latest technologies in digital reconstruction. 

The game has one of the most hyper-competitive communities in the world of Esports, with the likes of Mdossary and Tekkz establishing some pretty fierce rivalries from the top of the competitive ladder. Betting and backing your own skills through wagers and money matches has become increasingly popular over time, meaning Fifa is probably the game of choice for those sports fans out there who want to recreate the thrills of real-world sports betting


Basketball’s answer to EA’s Fifa, NBA2K is the official game focused on all things, surprisingly, on the NBA. Having been released every year since 1999, NBA2K has brought some of the finest faces to ever grace the court to live pixelated life and given gamers the opportunity to dribble and dunk just like Lebron or Steph Curry. 

The NBA2K League is the official Esports strand of the game and takes inspiration from the likes of Overwatch and League of Legends in the virtual world and, naturally, the NBA in the real one. It’s a unique combination and one that is probably the best representation of what collaboration between real-world and virtual teams could look like in the future going forward.