Create an omnichannel marketplace with the best marketplace website builder


Having an omnichannel marketplace is the need of current time to let the administrator operate every single sales channel through a single point of sales. There are various benefits of having such a marketplace website and all this could be achieved at minimal cost as compared to the other platforms using Sellacious. When an eStore is created following an omnichannel model through sellacious, the benefits derived are like, retailers could achieve more availability, drive sales and traffic, and integration of digital touchpoints with humans through devices and social media platforms. Using this model you could add more value to the customer shopping experience providing them an ease to buy through any medium and interface they prefer. 

Omnichannel marketplace could help you to become a part of the trend by overcoming disruption challenges like obsolete business models, technological and knowledge gap barriers, constantly changing public preferences for some products, and subsequently, changing shopping behaviour.

Sellacious, helps you revive by strategically responding or adapting to the digital forces by creating better retails experience for the customers. This could be achieved by creating a modern retail supply chain. Using this model, a consumer can see all the available products in the store, book beforehand and pick up from their nearest delivery center or store. Sellacious also provides free features to locate the nearby shops offering certain services or products, hyper and nearby markets. Using such an offering from Sellacious, a dealer could establish a better trustworthy relationship with the buyer through the one-o-one interaction. 

Building an omnichannel requires building multiple touchpoints, standardization of user interface across the touchpoints, integration of the online presence of a store with their physical one(if any), lastly creating a better retail experience for each customer — everything in one place. With Sellacious, you could integrate and manage the on-premise legacy system with the mobile or web application, CRM system, social media platform management system which makes it a suboptimal solution for all the problems. 

Sellacious provides more than 5000 eCommerce features, provision to create PWA compliant applications and great customer support, all for free.Moreover, order and inventory management and social media integration and social media marketplace could be created with ease. Custom development services are provided by the core team of Sellacious at minimal or no cost. 

Create your free niche store or multi-vendor eCommerce website in no time.Instead of scouring the web looking for the best online store builder that would also support multi-vendor eCommerce features, all you need is to reach out to us and start selling. 

Even a store owner with minimal technical knowledge could start with their eCommerce website in just 15 minutes. All they need to do is download the quickstart package and deploy it to the host server(Sellacious provided or on their own), upload the product images(as many as they want), add descriptions, create categories and subcategories, select the desired payment options to available for the customer to pay and it is done.

So, if you are thinking of looking for something faster for yourself, then you must be glad to know that this online store builder is equipped with a drag and drop functionality based template editor that would enable you to edit the storefront without any hassle. There is nothing truly hard, in fact, it’s completely opposite. A Sellacious user will have plenty of fun coming up with their own ideas regarding the web design they want. In a case where the store owner doesn’t design their own storefront’s look, they could also use the preexisting templates. Sellacious offers 9 templates for free. These templates could be modified as per your business requirement and the taste of your targeted audience.

Why prefer open-source eCommerce free software?

In the open-source industry, it happens that a plugin is not free to use but open to being edited once bought. If a plugin or a feature is free it will be more in use in the market. Hence, a store owner could get developers on global forums very easily. Extensions to a plugin are also feasible if the source code is open and the core files are accessible to be edited. 

One of the main advantages is that a store owner is provided with the skeleton and it becomes completely their call of how to modify their store selling flow and storefront design. Open-source solutions often come packed with more unique features like a huge community of developers and analysts are constantly working on plugins that are widely in use and come up with their own version. Thus, frequent updates could be expected from the team of Sellacious and developers across the globe.